The All-on-4 treatment concept is a technique in which a fixed full-arch prosthesis restoration is placed on 4-6 implants through a same-day surgical procedure for edentulous or soon-to-be edentulous patients.

In All-on-4 treatment, the same titanium screw mechanism used in traditional implants is employed. The main difference between traditional implants and All-on-4 implants lies in how they are positioned within the oral cavity.

While traditional approaches require the use of 8 or 10 implants to replace missing teeth in a completely edentulous jaw, this innovative technique only requires 4 implants.

Two implants are placed in the anterior region, and two implants are placed in the posterior part of the jawbone. The anterior implants are positioned at a 90-degree angle, while the posterior implants are placed at a 45-degree angle to ensure maximum stability.

In the All-on-4 treatment, temporary prostheses are prepared based on measurements taken from the patients before treatment. These temporary prostheses are attached to the implants. After 3 months, the patient’s permanent prostheses are attached.


The most significant advantage is the short duration of the surgical procedure and the overall treatment time. The angled placement of the implants in the posterior region eliminates the need for bone grafting and saves time.