Aesthetic Dentistry


Whats is bonding?

Aesthetics is a concept often associated with a beautiful smile. The most crucial element for this beautiful smile is healthy and well-aligned teeth. However, some individuals may experience gaps in their teeth due to gum issues or genetic factors.

In such cases, Composite Laminate / Bonding treatment, which can be applied in a single session and is a more economical alternative to LAMINATE DENTAL treatment, can be a significant option.

This treatment option does not require any tooth reduction and can be completed quickly in a clinical setting, providing results in approximately a short period of time, such as one hour. This method offers a fast and effective way to achieve a beautiful smile. When applied with a successful polishing protocol and high-quality polishing pastes, this technique guarantees that there will be no issues with additional areas or discoloration on the teeth for many years.

One of the greatest advantages of Composite Laminate / Bonding treatment is its ability to offer a quick and cost-effective solution. This makes having an aesthetic smile more accessible.

Most often, this treatment option can be completed in a clinical setting in about one hour without any tooth reduction, and it can make a significant difference in your smile quickly and healthily. This method, also known as the direct technique, ensures that there are no issues with discoloration or visible additional areas on the teeth for many years when a successful polishing protocol and high-quality polishing pastes are used.

The greatest advantage of this treatment compared to LAMINATE DENTAL treatment is its speed and cost-effectiveness.