What is zirconium dental crowns?

Zirconium dental crowns are a type of dental restoration or dental crown material used in dentistry. Zirconium dental crowns are used primarily for aesthetic purposes and for the improvement of teeth. Here is more information about zirconium dental crowns:

Why should I get zirconium crowns?

This material, which is naturally occurring and highly biocompatible, contributes to gum health. Its white color allows light transmission, ensuring the capture of a natural tooth appearance. The transparent or translucent appearance achieved aesthetically provides very positive results.

Being a white metal, it is superior in terms of durability compared to other substructure materials used in dentistry, making it more resistant to pressure and tensile forces.

Before zirconium, all-ceramic crowns were predominantly preferred for front teeth, but they were not favored for molar teeth due to their weakness in resisting chewing forces. Zirconium substructure, being even more durable than normal metals, provides satisfactory results both aesthetically and functionally.

How well does zirconium dental treatment harmonize with the gums?

Zirconium dental treatment is an option that has a very successful compatibility with the gums. The natural white color of zirconium provides a harmonious appearance with the real tooth color, making it compatible with the gums. Additionally, the smooth and tissue-friendly surface of zirconium interacts well with gum tissue. Therefore, the compatibility of zirconium dental crowns with the gums often yields highly aesthetic and natural results. When placed in harmony with the gum line, zirconium crowns can be an ideal choice for patients seeking an aesthetic smile.