What is smile design?

“Smile design” is the name of an approach used in the fields of dentistry and cosmetic surgery to achieve an aesthetic smile. Smile design aims to create an aesthetic smile by considering the patient’s teeth, lips, oral structure, and facial features. This approach involves examining the patient’s personal preferences, facial structure, and dental structure.


One of the highly sought-after and universally preferred expectations in today’s world is undoubtedly “Aesthetics.” In an evolving and socializing world, the increased desire for taking photos, especially thanks to social media and mobile phone technology, has made it easier for people to recognize their visual transformation desires and take action for it. In the past, such expectations were more closely associated with the female identity, but nowadays, regardless of gender, they have become a necessity for everyone.

In the field of dentistry, one of the most common requests is the desire for whiter and more even teeth.

Thanks to advancing dental technology and parallel developments in material technology, aesthetic materials used in dentistry are becoming more refined with each passing day, while also maintaining and enhancing their strength and durability.

In this regard, one of the treatment options where the greatest progress has been made is Laminated Veneer coatings. Unlike traditional crowns or bridge treatments, these coatings require much less tooth reduction. Achieving the desired aesthetic results with minimal tooth reduction (in some cases, even without any reduction) on only the front surface of the teeth is a fast and effective treatment, commonly known as the Hollywood Smile or Celebrity Smile.

In an average treatment, during the first session, teeth are typically prepared, and temporary teeth are created after taking measurements. After 3-4 days, the prepared Ceramic Laminate teeth are tried on, and once the color and final shape are approved, they are bonded to the teeth through a special application after a brief polishing process, concluding the treatment. The total required time typically ranges from 4 to 7 days.

With Ceramic Laminate Veneers:

a) Crooked teeth can be corrected as a rapid alternative to orthodontic treatment. b) Discolored teeth can be addressed as a longer-lasting alternative to bleaching, with the advantage of extended use. c) Worn-down teeth can be treated as a minimal-tooth-reduction alternative to crown and bridge procedures.

As a result, a dentist should have a multidisciplinary perspective, possessing not only the ability to address aesthetic needs of the teeth but also an artistic vision to design a smile that harmonizes with the gums, lips, and even the nose and overall facial appearance. By focusing on the whole rather than just the parts, it becomes possible to create teeth that align with the face and smile in harmony.

Furthermore, a skilled and capable ceramist/dental technician is one of the key elements of this success.

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