What is teeth whitening?

Permanent tooth whitening is an aesthetic dental treatment method used to achieve the natural color of teeth or a whiter appearance.

This procedure is used to address changes in tooth color, stains, or discoloration. It is generally performed through two main methods.

The first method, “In-Office Whitening,” is carried out under the supervision of a professional dentist. A special gel or tooth whitening solution is applied to the surface of the teeth and is typically activated with a light or laser. This procedure provides quick results, and your dentist can customize the level of whiteness you desire.

The other method, “At-Home Whitening,” is performed using a custom whitening tray provided by the dentist and a whitening gel. This method requires regular applications over a few weeks. Your dentist customizes the trays and determines which whitening gel to use. This method takes longer but provides more natural-looking results.


What is Teeth Whitening at home(Home Bleaching)?

At-home teeth whitening is a method in which individuals use special whitening products at their own homes to lighten or whiten the color of their teeth.

It is performed under the recommendation and supervision of a dentist. The whitening gel, applied to special trays or molds, is kept on the teeth for a specific duration. This method typically provides effective results within a few weeks, but it is important to be done under the dentist’s supervision.

Who can undergo teeth whitening?

The teeth whitening procedure is suitable for individuals who have healthy teeth and gums, no tooth sensitivity issues, meet the age criteria, and have good gum health. The condition of tooth restorations and not being in the period of pregnancy/nursing are also factors that affect the procedure. However, it is essential to consult with a dentist before the procedure.

Teeth whitening treatment performed under the supervision of a dentist does not harm the teeth. The gels used are generally tooth-friendly. You can undergo the whitening procedure under the dentist’s supervision.

The duration of the effect of teeth whitening can vary between 6 months to 2 years, depending on factors such as an individual’s lifestyle, dietary habits, and dental hygiene. Consumption of colored beverages, smoking, and the impact of colored foods can lead to gradual discoloration over time. To maintain the effect for an extended period, regular dental care, a healthy lifestyle, and adherence to the dentist’s recommendations are important. Periodic check-ups and repeat whitening procedures, when necessary, are essential for achieving the best results.